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About B Plan

Private and Secure Community Network


Simple life, high thinking!” - [Nitai]


Welcome to B Plan - Private & Secure Social Network!

Before you start using the site, we recommend that you read these thoughts.



We believe in that our world can be changed for the better only by our individual and communal shift in awareness intelligence and happy mindset. We think differently about self-sufficiency, healthcare, communication and media, politics, economy, and education than the everyday mainstream way of thinking. We foster private cooperation, secure communication, and facilitate positive psychological & spiritual change.'

How do we see differently? Because we see that in order to create a new, more positive, more livable world, a deep psychological change, awareness intelligence, balanced communication, a happy mindset and private cooperation and organization are necessary. We want to develop together and help each other. We support each other's physical processes, we promote positive psychological change, blossoming tendency in human connections, and spiritual development at the same time, in any direction - as long as the basic principle of positivity is taken into account.

By doing this, we benefit not only ourselves, but also our community, our country, and even the world.

We agree and are part of the private association/ society called "PrivateSociety" that agrees in a Common Minimum Values Declaration, that prefers and cultivates life, peace, health, positivity, happy mindset and awareness intelligence (AQ) we call together responsible happiness. Thich can be found in detail in the Terms & Conditions document.





(Our idealistic and at the same time common sense based goal)

The page was created in order to:

. we feel safe when communicating with each other

. to create a group of B Plan thinkers who do not want to belong to the mainstream and to provide them with a common communication platform

. become paradigm-shifters and become independent from the mainstream media (facebook, google, etc.), in order not to let them control us with their algorithms

. promote a self-organized charitable activity/activity from the knowledge base of the members of B Plan and from the potentially emerging support, which can help the members of this community and those living in their environment in positive change, whether it manifests itself in terms of self-sufficiency, communication or spiritual/psychological development

. to provide an internationally accessible platform, since we are experiencing a change in the way of seeing all over the world; people strive towards a new, more positive way of seeing and system



Background and supporting factors in our decision

. Facebook (messenger, instagram) and google (youtube) greatly restrict websites and censor content, and our Facebook group also fell victim to this; therefore, we are moving.

. Facebook (messenger, Instagram) and Google (youtube) will soon face significant lawsuits because their censorship is illegal.

. All predictions show that there will be difficult years until 2030, a new and positive world of which will be founded by communities that change their vision.


Community style

Positive thinking, awareness and happy mindset

We are a private and safe social network of positive thinking people, so we especially welcome them here. We expect you to share information in a positive way, because then you belong here.

Attitude change

The cohesive force on the page is the change of perspective.

Let's take politics as an example, which affects all areas of our private lives. We can't get out of this. Of course, everyone can be political if they wish, but if you do so, we ask you to do so while respecting the opinion of others, as everyone has the right to their own opinion. The most important thing is the style in which you share it. Do this in a positive, patient and accepting way, don't take anyone's 'mental glue' seriously, deal with your own positive activities, don't tell others what to do. Do good, others will follow.


Physical system security

. The site runs on an independent server in a European country. We start with the smallest possible capacity to save costs, but we can easily expand the capacity. This only requires a 15-minute restart at night.

. As soon as you log in and view content (pages, images, videos), use video chat, and upload content, it naturally increases the server and bandwidth requirements

. The site is equipped with the most serious, most effective (and most expensive) security protection system, which is also used by the most attacked sites. This is important because even an ordinary website receives dozens/hundreds of hacker attacks per day. This site can expect a lot more attacks. We therefore pay maximum attention to data security.

. All this costs money, in monthly fees, which we pay to our service providers. That is why it is necessary for members to support capacity expansion and security with a monthly donation of one ice cream. We also pay utilities at home. On Facebook, we pay with (the data of) our lives, here only with an ice cream.


Data security

. Facebook monitors and analyzes the activity of users, e.g. what content do you watch, what, for how long, what do you click on? In order to get more clicks, it shows you advertising and information that you are most likely to click on. In the user terms and conditions, you request the right to freely use your content, images, and videos within your system.

. In Messenger's terms of use, it asks for permission to record background sounds (listens), invisibly turn on your phone's cameras (spying) and analyze them with artificial intelligence when you use it. Messenger is usually not turned off, but switched to another application (but it runs in the background), so Messenger sees and hears everything almost continuously. That's why if you talk to your partner about buying winter socks, you suddenly see quite a few ads for winter socks on the Facebook app.

B Plan's system does NOT do this. It does not monitor or analyze the individual activity of users.

. Of course, all facebook/messenger communications go through the servers of the NSA (National Security Agency), with which the American authorities monitor your every move.

. Therefore, Google and other search engines cannot see the content of the page, we only allow them to the login page/gate. From then on, our powerful firewall protects us.


Legal/ Royalty clarity

. We pay attention not only to the security of our own data, but also to that of others. At the same time, you agree to only upload content (photos, videos, music) that is your own content - for which you own the royalties; you made them. If you don't do this, we can delete your account because we don't want to get involved in legal proceedings with the data owner. This page is a 'light' page, not a 'dark' page. Uploading illegal/stolen movies and the like may result in an immediate ban. Of course, you can share YouTube links, as they are already responsible for that content.


Market and Ads

. Since, for example, self-sufficiency produces products (e.g. tomatoes) and services are needed (e.g. plumbers), we have made it possible to offer them in a Facebook-like Marketplace menu. We plan to connect a barter trade system to our system, which enables fair, money-substitute/local money settlement.

. We support these entrepreneurs by posting their ads discreetly on the site, but we do NOT give them any personal information, only aggregated information (e.g. how many people in the 25-35 female age group viewed their ad). Since we do not spy on you and do not analyze your personal data/activity, we do not personalize the ads; everyone sees the same ad.



Website under development

Our website is under continuous development. It may contain errors, outages, crashes; anything can happen, since we set up the entire system in about three weeks. The point is that this is necessary; the sooner the more errors come out, the better, because the sooner we can correct them. Everyone should be understanding about this and understand that the system "gets 1% better" every day. We ask you to support us in using it, because this is the only way to get rid of errors, and this is how we can optimize/make the system better and faster. Contact the System Administrator on the site and tell him your suggestions.


Mobile App

Due to time constraints, the mobile application is available for Android phones first. The iPhone application is also in progress, but the AppStore registration and authorization process is more complicated, and our mobile app may be rejected.

At the same time, you should know that Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore are like a market. We buy a product at the market and then go home (download it). After that, we have nothing to do with the market. Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore don't get a single bit of data from us. All our activities and content are stored on our server, not even in the application.



Since our system is international, we have to take this into account. Families who think differently from the mainstream live not only in Hungary. Our program component that processes the payment - the one in which we view the subscription fee on our site - can only display the subscription fee in one currency. Due to the international nature, we chose the euro out of necessity, because we absolutely did not want the US dollar. As soon as the subscription period (e.g. 3 months) has been selected, a card payment option or Paypal payment option will pop up. Here we see the amount to be paid in our own currency. The system calculates this based on the current exchange rate.

The subscription works in such a way that the person uploads the amount to the so-called Wallet maintained on the site, and then completes the subscription from there.

If someone subscribes and does not renew their subscription 35 days after the subscription period, we will delete their account to free up the space occupied by their content on our server.


(Communication) Device security

How to communicate with each other?

We recommend the following secure communication platforms for the B Plan community.

This is important because even if we move to a secure server with our social network, if we share what's happening on our other communication channels, "half the world" will listen to it besides us.


Email security

We recommend that you do not use gmail, freemail, yahoomail and the like because, like Facebook, their data is "seen by half the world". We recommend Protonmail.com, which works similarly to gmail, but securely. While gmail communication is constantly read and analyzed by the agency's servers located in the server rooms, emails sent between each other via Protonmail cannot be read because they are encrypted.

You can register for free and download the Mobile App for free, where you can view/manage your emails. Protonmail.com is a secure email that encrypts your emails in mutual communication. Our Protonmail customer service email address is: bplanprivatesecurenetwork [at] pm.me. Please only write here from protonmail.


Chat/Phone/Video security

many people think that WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram Apps are safe. Yes, to the extent that they are difficult to hack from the outside, however, they all provide backdoor access to different agencies. One that doesn't is the Signal App, which lets you chat, make phone calls, and make video calls. The other, which is suitable for all this and much more, is the Mega (App). Register for a free account with this referral link https://bit.ly/3exwamO . Mega is even better than Signal because it does everything that Signal does (chat, talk, video calls), but it also gives you 20 Gbytes of free secure storage. It can also provide video conferencing. Furthermore, it not only encrypts communication with a security code, like Signal and other apps, but also changes the security code daily. Thus, if it were to happen that the security code of Signal is cracked very expensively in a few days with large computers, it would be useless in the case of Mega, because it changes the code every day. We should use Mega instead of Messenger/WhatsApp/Viber/Telegram for our communication (chat, call, video call) for our own and the community's data security. You can reach our customer service on Mega at the email address bplanprivatesecurenetwork [at] pm.me.




Welcome to our circle!

‘B Plan’ team.







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